IT Facility Management Services (FMS) At Inspace, we work with different segments of customers ranging from multinational corporates to SMEs. ... Inspace IT FMS - all along we have been in the business of providing high-quality Facility Management Services, which are of course a manpower-based support model.


What Makes Us Different

Netgroup Technology has the team of technocrats, proficient in various domains of the IT sector. It will be updating with the latest technological revolutions. The entire team is capable and confident of tuning the clients’ IT requirements to latest IT Requirements in the most economical way using the best possible combinations of the facilities available. Once the study of client’s requirements is done, the plan, with the list of available resources is infrastructure, hardware and software, man power, technical expertise of the users etc. is made ready, simultaneously understanding the existing system. The solution is then proposed making use of the available resources and man power at the client’s premises. The responsibility starts from the study and ends at the effective implementation and maintenance.

  • Value added Support Services
  • System Administration.
  • Help-desk Services.
  • Network Consulting.
  • Network Implementation and Management.
  • Asset Management etc.

You Should Know

Facility management is responsible for making sure everything works harmoniously together ensuring smooth operations and facility manager is responsible for keeping the facilities alive.

Facility managers are responsible for the management of services and processes that support the core business of the organization. They ensure that all the practices are followed with maximum efficiency. This involves strategic planning and day-to-day operations.

Facility management is responsible for managing and maintaining the facilities during the day to day running of the business in an organization. Over the last few years, every business have identified the importance of well-managed buildings and utilities which help companies function effectively and efficiently. The team of facility management involves professionals to maintain day-to-day analysis and repair of the company utilities eventually all these help in cutting cost and increasing employee productivity.

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