• Amazon Web Services

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This 40 hours course will teach you all the required tips and tricks needed for securing any infrastructure and will make your skills excel to the highest extent.

Amazon Web Services

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  1. What is Cloud Computing
  2. Cloud Service & Deployment Models
  3. How AWS is the leader in the cloud domain
  4. Various cloud computing products offered by AWS
  5. Introduction to AWS S3, EC2, VPC, EBS, ELB, AMI
  6. AWS architecture and the AWS Management Console, virtualization in AWS (Xen hypervisor)
  7. What is auto-scaling
  8. AWS EC2 best practices and cost involved.

  1. Introduction to EC2
  2. Regions & Availability Zones(AZs)
  3. Pre-EC2, EC2 instance types
  4. Comparing Public IP and Elastic IP
  5. Demonstrating how to launch an AWS EC2 instance
  6. Introduction to AMIs, Creating and Copying an AMI
  7. Introduction to EBS
  8. EBS volume types
  9. EBS Snapshots
  10. Introduction to EFS
  11. Instance tenancy- Reserved and Spot instances
  12. Pricing and Design Patterns.

  1. 3.1 Introduction to Elastic Load Balancer
  2. Types of ELB – Classic, Network and Application
  3. Load balancer architecture
  4. Cross-zone load balancing
  5. Introduction to Auto Scaling, vertical and horizontal scaling, the lifecycle of Auto Scaling
  6. Components of Auto Scaling, scaling options and policy, instance termination
  7. Using load balancer with Auto Scaling
  8. Pre-Route 53 – how DNS works
  9. Routing policy, Route 53 terminologies, Pricing.

  1. What is Amazon VPC
  2. VPC as a networking layer for EC2
  3. IP address and CIDR notations
  4. Components of VPC – network interfaces, route tables, internet gateway, NAT
  5. Security in VPC – security groups and NACL, types of VPC, what is a subnet, VPC peering with scenarios, VPC endpoints, VPC pricing and design patterns.

  1. Introduction to AWS storage
  2. Pre-S3 – online cloud storage
  3. API, S3 consistency models
  4. Storage hierarchy, buckets in S3
  5. Objects in S3, metadata and storage classes, object versioning, object lifecycle management, cross-region replication, data encryption, connecting using VPC endpoint, S3 pricing.

  1. What is a database, types of databases, databases on AWS
  2. Introduction to Amazon RDS
  3. Multi-AZ deployments, features of RDS
  4. Read replicas in RDS, reserved DB instances
  5. RDS pricing and design patterns
  6. Introduction to Amazon Aurora, benefits of Aurora, Aurora pricing and design patterns
  7. Introduction to DynamoDB, components of DynamoDB, DynamoDB pricing and design patterns
  8. What is Amazon Redshift, advantages of Redshift
  9. What is ElastiCache, why ElastiCache.

  • Module 07 - Management and Application Services
  • Module 08 - Access Management and Monitoring Services
  • Module 09 - Automation and Configuration management
  • Module 10 - AWS Migration

Sukhdev Kumar

LPT Master, CEH certified.

Completion Certificate