Customer Specified Project

Customer-specific developments and niche products are our main speciality. We tackle the challenge of developing made-to-measure solutions to solve your problems. We are here to help you with our more than 6 years of experience and expertise combined with state-of-the-art production facilities and our own research and test environment.


What Makes Us Different

At our company, customer projects are structured in well thought-out, coordinated process steps – encompassing the sales process, development work, order fulfillment and service. Our project work features two key factors: firstly, we have an agile work flow, and secondly, we involve you tightly in the project and make you a member of our team. Our outstanding agility and versatility enable us react to subsequent changes made by you during the project phase.

  • Existing customer surveys
  • Warranty information
  • Industry publications and articles
  • Research reports
  • Market forecasts
  • Strategic planning documents
  • Specifications and Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)

We Should Do

You are facing a project and need in-depth machine vision expertise to solve a tricky application? We support you during this project phase by closly working together with your developers on your machine vision software problems.

You need to solve a machine vision task but do not have any machine vision know-how in your company? We also support you over the entire life cycle of your project.

You want to solve your machine vision task using deep learning but you don't know how to get started or how to improve your results? Together with you, we analyze and optimize your image data, train your classifier and use the results to fine-tune your preprocessing and training parameters.

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